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Digital Dispatch Radio


Is your business still using cell phones to reach your drivers? 


Did you know that commercial drivers can be fined $11,000 for using a cell phone while driving? Digital Dispatch Radio is exempt from cell phone bans, Does your high tech "fleet management" system let your actually talk to your drivers? Wide Area Digital Dispatch Trunked Radio provides safe, instant voice communications while driving.
Manage your business with the nation's most reliable, most advanced digital radio dispatch system.

Increase Efficiency– Digital Dispatch Radios connect your entire team instantly & can safely be used WHILE DRIVING. Estimates show that radios can save your company over 30 minutes per driver each day!


Safer & More Durable- Our Digital Mobile Radios are exempt from Federal & State cell phone bans. Installed radios can't be dropped or lost. Headsets or other hands free devices are NOT required & no dialing is necessary.


Lower Cost- Digital Dispatch Radios can save your company as much as 50% compared to using cellular phones.


More Reliable– Public Safety Grade communications, not subject to cell site overloading.

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