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American Electronics is a family owned and operated company established in 1978.  Since then we have been providing quality communications solutions for customers all over DELMARVA.  When you call you will get a live person.  We do not have an answering service. 


Why Choose Us?


   -  We own the network.  We have systems in place that diagnose it 24/7.  If it malfunctions, we fix it.  We do not have to rely on             an outside company for troubleshooting and repair.


   -  We strive to provide the best service at the lowest possible price.


   -  We do all the installations ourselves.  We do not send an hourly employee to mount equipment in your $100K+ vehicle.


   -  We stock a large inventory of replacement parts and loaners to keep you up and running.


   -  There is no on hold time to talk to technical support if you are experiencing technical difficulty.  You will have a technicians                 direct cell phone number.  Just give us a call and your problem becomes ours.



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