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Radios are designed for simple, direct, business only communications.


Radios vs. Cell Phones:​​


Cell phones were originally developed as a business tool but have now become a consumer commodity. Did you know that more teenagers have phones than adults? Cellular service providers have shifted their focus away from business users in favor of consumers who are more likely to purchase high profit ring tones, download movies and play games with "in app" purchase opportunities. 

  • Radio equipment is more durable with a life expectancy 10 times longer than the average cell phone.

  • Commercial drivers nationwide & all drivers in many states face heavy fines if caught using a hand-held cell phone.

  • Radios are exempt from Federal and State cell phone bans & can be used to communicate safely while driving.

  • Team wide communications leverages the experience & knowledge of your best employees.

  • Radios allow supervisors & management to directly monitor employee commuications.

  • Modern touch-screen phones are difficult to use safely & have limited battery life when being used heavily.

Radios & Fleet Management Systems:


​​Today's sophisticated fleet management systems can gather, compile & distribute incredible amounts of data & have many useful functions. However, these systems rely on cell phones or tablets that can't safely be used while driving & do not support group wide talk.  NexEdge Digital Dispatch Radios increase efficiency by providing instant voice communications & can safely be used while driving.  Instant communications with your drivers can easily save 30 minutes or more per driver each day.

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